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News From Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District
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"Living With Fire" Classes: March 28, April 7, April 18

Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District is sponsoring a fire prevention class entitled “Living With Fire.”  The class will be held at the SHHA Community Center on Wednesday March 28 from 6-8PMSaturday April 7 from 10AM-12PM and Wednesday April 18 from 6-8PM. This class will be taught by Sleepy Hollow resident and retired firefighter Dan Dunnigan and is specifically tailored to our community. Topics will include:

Risks and Hazards: Learn about the history of fire in Sleepy Hollow and our unique risks and hazards. What lessons can be learned from the fires in Napa/Sonoma?

Evacuation: What are the emergency warning systems? When and where do we go? What are the evacuation routes? What do we bring? How do we prepare – “The Ready, Set, Go Program.” Get involved in our Summer Evacuation Exercise and Safety Fair.

Vegetation Management: What is the WUI? What is the Ember Zone? Protecting the Hollow: find out about our ridge top fuel break, fire road maintenance and roadside vegetation clearance projects.

Defensible Space: Get ready for our 2018 Residential Inspection Program. How much clearance do you need? What plants are safe? What plants should be removed? When to remove or limb up trees.

Structural Ignitability: Tips to harden your home and make it safer: Upgrade and/or maintain: roofing, vents, windows, fencing, wooden decks, garage doors, and sprinklers.

Neighborhood Preparedness: We want your suggestions fo identifying and recruiting volunteer neighborhood preparedness coordinators to serve as local preparedness organizers.

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